Why CGS International


CGS International remains as the financial provider of choice for over 2,600 institutional clients and 400,000 retail clients.

CGS International remains as the financial service provider of choice for over 2,600 institutional clients and 400,000 retail clients. Clients engage us as we are a trusted and reliable partner, with a long tradition of robust research analysis, and our commitment to quality service.


Due to our strong presence in Asia and key markets around the world, investors can take comfort in knowing that the diverse range of products offered by us come packaged with the relevant information and analysis, breaking down complex market data with trusted opinions and research.

Moving ahead, backed by two of Asia’s leading financial powerhouses, we are strategically positioned to connect investors to investment opportunities both within and beyond Asia. Being at the forefront of the industry, we tap on the strength of our shareholders, innovative technology, extensive network and access to otherwise difficult to penetrate markets to create value for our clients.


While we grow, we have never forgotten our roots in Asia. A big part of being Asian lies with strong family ties. So whether it is the investor on the street or the institutions that we serve, our heritage lies in treating our partners as one of our own. The Asian Perspective, strong roots and heritage.

The Asian Perspective

We take pride in providing one of the most comprehensive research coverage in Asia. With more than 70 analysts based in eight countries in Asia, we cover over 800 stocks in the region, ranging from small-to-mid-cap companies to your familiar blue-chip stocks. The practical nature of our business depends heavily on key insights. This does not happen solely on a computer screen, but with our actual researchers in the field. The Asian Perspective, from the ground up.

Retail clients

Wide network and personalised service at your doorstep

Market insights for individual investors to make informed decisions

Training and award-winning trading platforms and tools to help clients to trade like a pro

Institutional / Corporate clients

High touch service by an award-winning research team and global sales team

Exclusive access to conferences through corporate access

Bespoke solutions for clients' specific investment and operational needs

Advanced electronic execution services