Equity Linked Note 

Equity-Linked Note (ELN), is a debt instrument also known as Structured Note. It is the financial instrument that perfectly combines bonds and equity options with additional potential returns that are primarily linked to the performance of equities.  ELN is usually structured to return the initial investment with a variable interest portion that depends on the underlying asset's performance. Therefore, it is a new stock investing channel that allows investors to design your own structure in terms of short-term investment notes depending on investor chosen stocks. ELN of CGS International allows the investor to design their structure in a short-term of 15 days, 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, or 270 days. There are various types of ELN products offered to suit investors' market views such as BULL ELN, SMILE ELN, KIKO ELN, KIKO Basket ELN and Reverse ELN.

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Live the life you want, Leave your investment in our good hand.


Live the life you want, Leave your investment in our good hand.

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The initial minimum investment is 1,000,000 THB (Bull ELN, KIKO ELN, SMILE ELN, KIKO Basket ELN) or 3,000,000 THB (R-ELN)

According to notification No. Kor Chor. 39/2564 of SEC, ELN Investors must be high net-worth or institutional investors.

Qualification of Assets and Liabilities

Individual Investors
A person with net asset value not less than 30 million THB or annual income not less than 3 million THB or direct investment in securities/derivatives, not less than 8 million THB.

Institutional Investors
Institutional investors who is juristic with shareholders’ equity not less than 75 million THB or direct investment in securities/derivatives not less than 15 million THB.

Qualification of Knowledge and Experiences

Individual / Institutional Investors

Have an investment experience in “High-risk investment products” over the past 6-12 months or work experience or business relevant to the following criteria, within the past 1 year or Have certifications/ educational qualifications in finance or knowledge and understanding of this particular investment.

  • Open the ELN account with our investment advisor.

  • Contact for pricing sheet through your investment advisor, or Contact Equity Derivatives Thailand Tel: 02 209 8772

  • Design your own ELN structure by choosing Underlying stock, Strike level, and Notional Amount.


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The information displayed can be changed, updated or modified without notice. Investor must study product features, condition of returns and risk before making investment decision. Investor must study product features, condition of returns and risk before making investment decision.