Block Trade

Block Trade is a form of single stock futures in which the investor can sell or purchase the underlying stock in large quantities (Block Trading Transaction) while requiring less investment than the standard stock investment. It is a leverage instrument traded in TFEX. Investors can invest in Block trade even when there is low market liquidity. CGS International will act as the counterparty and provide a variety of underlying stocks in the Single Stock Futures board for an investor to choose from. Investors can arbitrarily open both long and short positions. According to TFEX, the Block Trading transaction minimum requirement is separated into 4 sections such as 20, 100, 500, and 1,000 contracts.

Why trade this product with CGS International Securities?

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Investors can generate returns on long and short trading transactions without concern over low market liquidity (Big lots SSF).

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How to ? Block Trade?

Block Trade with CGS International

How to ? Block Trade?

Block Trade with CGS International

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The minimum contract for each Block Trade transaction will refer to the TFEX requirement








It is suitable for investors who interest to invest in SSF market. Investor can require for margins, commission and exchange fees paper from your investment advisor.

  1. Open the TFEX account with CGS International
  2. Investor choose underlying stock in Single Stock Futures board and put order through investment advisor
  3. When underlying shares execution matched, put through transaction will be process
  4. To maintained margin, investor will be recommended to deposited additional cash when initial margin is at 70% within the next day and if it when below 30% of force margin an investor is recommences to act immediately.  

Key Risks

Investor must study product features, condition of returns and risk before making investment decision.